MySpaceBA Terms and Conditions of Use

By using this site, you signify your assent to these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please do not use the site. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these terms at any time. Please check these terms periodically for changes.

All apartments represented by "My Space BA", have been inspected by the firm's staff and all of them have been found to be completely furnished and equipped with the necessary appliances. As each apartment is exclusively used for family living, tenants are urged to refrain from excessive and annoying noise making.

The majority of the apartments advertised on the site may be booked for minimum stays of one week, up to a maximum of six months, in compliance with current rental regulations, with the possibility of renewal for another six months. Some apartments are rented out for periods of only one month as indicated, or for a minimum of three months in which case it is duly specified.

The advertised prices are final. In some cases, where a commission charge may apply, it will, of course, be promptly brought to your attention. Our prices include utilities (including taxes when applicable) for electrical services, gas, water, building fees, city taxes and telephone except when they don't apply, in which case it will be brought to your attention promptly. In some cases, when the rental price is indicated, it can also include maid service with times scheduled. Including maid services does not absolve a guest from leaving the apartment behind in any other condition, than the clean apartment he entered, when he first moved in there.

Reservations are coming into effect when making a payment of the equivalent of 20% of the cost of the total length of the stay. Booking can be done through Western Union or PayPal. With PayPal please add 4% to the amount transferred to cover the costs. If the guest is from outside Argentina, or if the guest would be in Buenos Aires, then it can be done at our office in US dollars. In the event a guest had to cancel a reservation that had already come into effect, the amount paid in advance is not refundable.

The tenant will have to put up a security deposit in currency equivalent to:
a) If the stay is 1 week to 2 weeks: The equivalent of one week's rent.
b) If the stay is 1 month: The equivalent 60% of one month rent.
d) If the stay is longer than 3 months: The equivalent of one month rent.

Temporary rent contracts can not be deferred. They have pre-set starting and termination dates. For that reason, if the tenant would wish to extend his stay in the apartment that he was renting, he would have to let them know at My Space BA, ample time in advance to allow sufficient time to prepare for a new contract for another period and to make sure that the property is not reserved by another guest.

The amounts paid for the rent are not refundable. If the guest wished to shorten his stay, any payment already made, would not be refunded. For that reason we recommend to our guests to make the reservation for the period of time that you are certain you will be occupying the apartment first, then after that, rent the apartment for the additional time necessary.

With rent contracts over several months, where the rent is paid month by month, if the guest would decide to terminate the contract prematurely, he will loose his deposit as compensation to the proprietor for breach of contract.

The tenants are obligated to declare the names and ages of all the persons that inhabit the rental property. Permanent staying in the premises of more guests than previously agreed up is reason for eviction.

The rent and the deposit take effect the moment the apartment is handed over. On arrival of the guest(s) at the prearranged time, the owner of the apartment and a representative of My Space BA will welcome the tenant in the rental property and the contract for renting of the apartment including the inventory will then be signed. The new tenant will get the keys to the property and some relevant information about the property if required.

If, in the unforeseen event the apartment should not be available at the time the guest arrived which would make it impossible to take possession, MY Space BA will offer a relocation to another apartment with a similar layout and the same comforts and available at the date of the tenants arrival, or hand back the money paid as a deposit.

Check in: 2PM - Check out: 11AM

If a guest arrived before 2PM, and the property were vacant, that new tenant would be able to move in beforehand without paying any additional charges.


Extra Charges
If your checkin / out is outside normal working hours there is an extra charge of U$S25

The extra charges apply to chekin/out:

Monday to Friday Between 8pm until 8am
Saturday after 2pm
Sundays all day
Bank / public holidays
24th Dec after 3pm
25 Dec all day
31Dec after 3pm
1st Jan all day

Handing-over the apartment: A few days before the contract is about to expire, My Space BA will be in touch with the guest to address such items as arranging a time for the handing back of the apartment, returning the keys of the property, returning the security deposit, and pending a general inspection of the apartment and its inventory, retaining from the deposit, if it should be necessary, the costs of damages that might have been done.

About the telephone systems and what's different:

Line control: The guest has a pre-set limited monthly credit for local calls. If you run out of such credit it is possible to continue using the service, with phone cards, prepaid by the guest, if needed. In general this system has no access to cell phone calls and/or long distance calls. Apartments that have this system include the telephone service.

Normal line: With a phone system, like this, the telephone service is extra for the guest/tenant, and is entirely his responsibility. All telephone charges are recorded by the telephone company from the time the guest enters his apartment and the moment he leaves the apartment he becomes responsible for cancellation of aforesaid account. In this case it is clearly specified: "telephone service not included".

Communication by mobile cell phones: In this case cellular phone services are available on the premises, enabling a guest to continue using prepaid phone cards.


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